In times of fitnah I

Approximately 2 decades ago, when I was but a teenager and freshman in my first year of University, ASUU had gone on one of its infamous strikes and I was leaving campus to spend the holiday of unknown length with my favorite aunt in-law in Abuja.

I had just begun learning the deen then and I remember freaking out and panicking, that I would no longer be able to attend my Arabic madrasah, my Qur’an madrasah, halqahs on campus, nor morning gatherings after Fajr with the sisters in Queens Hall. This was in days before mobile phones or WIFI.

My best friend, Mutiiah looked at me calmly, almost stoically you’ll say and said: But you do have the Qur’aan! And indeed, I did and the Qur’aan (in particular, interpretation of the meanings of the Noble Qur’aan by Dr Al-Hilali and Dr Khan) became my companion during that holiday and ever since.

So dear sister, whether you are a medical personnel risking it all on the frontline, or you are an educator whose wards have miraculously disappeared or you are a mum who has suddenly become a university lecturer, middle school teacher and kindergarten assistant, all rolled into one or you are an employee whose company/business has abruptly closed:

You do have the Qur’aan

Whether your schedule has suddenly freed up, or been thrown completely into chaos, whether you have unlimited internet access or intermittent power supply:

You do have the Qur’an

From reciting it in the correct melodious way (تلاوة), to pondering over its meaning (تدبّر), to memorizing its letters and verses (حفظ), to acting upon its commands (طاعة), to seeking solace in its words(سكينة);

You do have the Qur’aan

Whether you are being called to serve or to sit; No matter where you are and who you are, remember:

You do have the Qur’aan! 

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